Dr. Bauer does my insurance cover me for your services?

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Dr. Bauer accepts and, as a courtesy, submits all insurance claims for our patients. Although Dr. Bauer is an out-of-network provider most patients receive their full dental insurance benefits. We will assist you as much as possible to understand your insurance coverage but recommend contacting your insurance carrier to understand your benefits. We strongly recommend confirming that your plan allows out-of-network coverage so you can be assured of payment.

Delta Dental and BC/BS Federal Employee Benefits insurance holders: Patients are able to use their benefits in Dr. Bauer's office. We are a non-participating provider, which means payments from these insurance carriers will be paid directly to the patient. It is our policy, therefore, to expect payment for routine visits like cleanings and fillings, at the time of your visits. A payment arrangement can be discussed when more complicated and expensive procedures like crowns and multi-step treatments are needed.

Dr. Bauer makes every effort to work with you and your insurance company to maximize your benefits so that you can have the care you need.

Payment Policy

Dr. Bauer accepts cash, credits card (Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover), and checks. You are able to use your Health Savings Account and Dental Insurance as well.
Dr. Bauer prides himself on working with patients to help them afford the dental care they need. From routine cleanings to full mouth reconstruction, he will be happy to discuss payment options that are available.